The Origin of the Doll Thermometer

A first post is prime reason to celebrate.  I have an empty KitKat wrapper beside me, so I just took care of that well enough myself.  But if you wish to celebrate, but all means:  I’ll not think to stop you.

My primary reason for (attempting) to take up blogging is – as I wrote in my profile and will try to recall as accurately as possible – to comment on random observations and thoughts as I write my fantasy novels, and to try to give some insight as to my personal process turning the stories in my head into something more generally accessible.  Though I’m currently busy stressing over how to work this wonderful free and no doubt simple to use blogging tool (I’m hopelessly inept when it comes to most anything related to computers apart from simple typing and opening a few games), I plan to get on with that soon.

However, seeing as how this is a first blog, on this site or on any site that I can recall, a simple explanation as to the blog title I feel would be a fair way to start.  “Doll Thermometer” is not anything related to my books, current, future, or scrapped.  It is not an in-joke.  It is not a casual observation as to what will become of humanity should we continue to stumble and trip down the steep path towards the very roots of immorality and shoots of destruction.  There is no real history to the title at all.

I have a sweet little doll I bought in Akihabara that stands on my shelf above my computer, a Pinky Street doll. She leans against a green, teardrop-shaped thermometer I bought in Loft, a nifty shop in Sanjo (and various other locations). So when I was having difficulty coming up with a good, original name for this blog that wasn’t too long, by looking up my problem was solved.  Maybe it can represent how inspiration and new ideas come without order and from every conceivable source.  I added the pen to take the picture – thought it was appropriate.

So.  First blog done and title explained.  Now, to figure out how widgets work.


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