Cinquain for Rue

“The Hunger Games” was mentioned a fair amount in my tasty fooding blog yesterday.  Keeping in the same vein (and in my failure to think of anything new and exciting today – I’m blaming a cough), I thought I’d share the little poem I wrote (consulting with my mother and one of my sisters for some of the more significant word choices) a few weeks before the very successful Hunger Games film was released in hope of winning a replica of Katniss’s arena jacket.  I didn’t come close, but I did like the poem.  It’s a simple style I’d almost completely forgotten about – my memory was jogged by the two-page spread devoted to these poems in the now previous edition of New Horizons 3, an English textbook for third year middle school students in Japan.  After a rapid Google search  (“poem – one word, two words, three words, four words, one word” being the search terms) I have learned this five line poem is called a cinquain, but already different sites are calling the particular format I followed format A, or type 3, and there are probably any number of other attempts at further classification.  I think I’ll just stick with a type of cinquain.

Here’s the poem, in any case.  I don’t think it’s particularly hard to place it in the timeline of Hunger Games events.


netted, speared

swaddled in blossoms

the mockingjay chorale swells



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