Dream Fillings

Rose from a creepy dream the other night, and as I was washing the dishes after breakfast it plugged a glaring gap in my dear friend Micah Crest’s past.  I’d known that time in his life was strange (and turned him rather strange) and potentially disturbing, but was blank as to the details.  Now, seemingly with not a speck of work done, that history was nicely filled in.  I was right.  It was disturbing.

As to how this very effective dream filling came about, I am currently working with four scenarios:

Number One:  I was already subconsciously aware of Micah’s past and it was made clear to me in that dream.

Number Two:  Having been wondering about Micah in wakefulness, my mind was quietly folding around his personality, temperament, decisions, and the bare bones of that time in his life, and by their powers combined this dream was born naturally.

Number Three:  My sleeping mind knew the hole in his life had to be filled, and so was not-so-quietly tearing through his personality, temperament, decisions, and the bare bones of that time in his life, actively working to create the perfect scenario that was then displayed in dream-form.

Number Four:  It was simply a normal, creepy dream with nothing to do with Micah (he did not make an appearance himself during it), and after the fact I realised the contents quite suited him, and everything clunked neatly into place.

I’ve no clue which it is, or whether this dream filling could truly be attributed to any of these possibilities in any way.  Since sleep is when brain connections are rewired more to be more effective, I’m leaning more towards numbers one or two, and two is my favourite.  I not sure my sleeping mind could be so driven as to keep on actively working during break time, so I’m doubting number three.  And considering I think about my stories every day, particularly before I go to sleep, and that dream matter is drawn from available stimulus, I don’t think such a perfect fill could have arisen entirely independently of Micah.

I do love dreams.  The entire original plot line and main characters for what I still consider to be my fantasy epic (conceived when I was fourteen and still very, very far from being written) came from a single dream that utilised the four new names I had randomly decided to give the four famous hobbits in the newspaper cut-out blue-tacked to my cupboard door.  My zombie stories were born of dreams, too.  My favourite story/dreaming moment was when I was watching one of my characters in a scene, but there was another person there that I didn’t know interacting quite freely with the character I did know.  He was definitely meant to be there.  So he stayed.  I called him Blitz.

Dreams are one thing I’m sure all writers draw on significantly for inspiration.  Considering my liking for staying quietly in my house, they often replace true life experience as a primary source of ideas.  Perhaps this isn’t a good thing, and maybe I’ll work on changing that one day.  But for now, I’m perfectly happy to build my fantasy dream worlds with blocks shaped predominantly from stuff of the same matter.

(All information pertaining to dreams was recalled either accurately or not so from my university psych lectures and texts – please forgive me for not referencing)


2 thoughts on “Dream Fillings

  1. Sometimes I have really intricate dreams, and during the dream I’m thinking, “That would be an awesome storyline!” And then when I wake up and think it over for awhile, I realize the dream was a terrible storyline, but for some reason, while I’m in the dream, it always seems perfect.

    • I’m not sure we can always trust our own judgement while dreaming 🙂 And for every one dream that actually could make good story content – a whole plot line, a scene, or even just one line or moment – I reckon there’s got to be at least fifty more that should never, ever be put on paper.

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