Progressive Story

So, my last post was the first 700 or so words of a side project I began working on at the end of 2011.  I was home in Australia for Christmas, had recently read the Hunger Games trilogy for the first (and second) time, and I think the idea for “Behind Glass” (originally titled “Shelved”) smacked me in the face as we were driving home from a family party on Christmas Eve.  At least, it happened one afternoon/evening while we were driving in a homeward direction – I didn’t have anything to write on or with, and was frantically trying not to let details leak out my ears before I got home and had the chance to scribble the basics down.

I have roughly twelve pages written of this story.  It will eventually will become something like a novella, I suppose;  I don’t think could be a full-fledged novel.  I wanted to start putting up some of my writings, and thought trying to post this story progressively would be a good place to start.  Hopefully as I run out of already-written content I will be forced to continue writing this story with more dedication.  I know exactly where it goes…I have pages of notes written in increasingly faded lead pencil…in my terrible, dust mote sized handwriting, so cramped I can barely tell which line a word is meant to belong to…I’m sure many of you know the feeling very, very well.

Unfortunately, this being a fun side project it won’t become a priority until my mains are done, and I have my next focus already lined up after my current and post-production projects.  But I do enjoy writing Pan, and as I’ll only be posting around 500 to 800 words at a time I might surprise myself and be able to keep the story growing at a fairly happy, plodding rate.

So, look out for the next section of “Behind Glass”, if you haven’t read the first one here it is, and it’s also just below this post if you’re reading on the main page 🙂  There was a hint in the first section, but I think the main Hunger Games influence will become more than glaringly obvious as the story progresses.  I hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to give any advice or leave any comments you feel necessary I know.


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