Not a Real Post and a Shout Out to Smashwords

Instead of writing a real post today, I’m going to make/have made (as I’m only going to post this after I’ve done it) a page for what I’ve written of Behind Glass so far.  Hopefully this page will make the easier to read for anyone who is interested.

Also for anyone who is interested, I’m sorry I haven’t actually written any more of Pan yet.  There’s still a scene written that I’ve yet to post, but it needs a bit more work which I’ve yet to get around to.  I have (as I’ve said several times) been resurrecting my terrible micrographic notes and writing a few more, but I’m afraid I won’t get around to adding more of Pan for awhile.

I’ve been thinking as well of putting Tom aside for a little while – he was already kind of put aside as I didn’t really do any work on him while Mum was here – and focus on a series of short stories I’ve been working on sporadically.  It’s like a short story cycle, I suppose, a collection of related stories featuring the same characters.  A too short, not-good-enough version of the first one is written; the second one I’m actually fairly happy with.  Been talking to a friend about cover art and thinking of hiring an editor to look through them, as I want to publish them online.  I’m a bit hesitant to publish my novel there, but I really want to try putting these short stories on Smashwords.  I’ve been reading a lot about it and the publishing process, and it looks fantastic.  I have to finish the first story … first … but if I can get two stories up in fairly quick succession that’d be good, and I reckon if I actually focus on them instead of picking at them on the side many more could be finished in good time.  They’re not long – I don’t want any more than 15 000 words – and I have plans for at least eight or so.  In case you’re interested, these short stories are the ones I keep in my paler pink book.

So, yes.  Putting up a page for Pan, and hoping to publish with Smashwords in the near future.  After I’ve been through formatting the stories according to their guidelines back on Microsoft Word.  Not computer-literate enough to translate the instructions for Microsoft Word into OpenOffice, though it’s probably mind-numbingly simple.  I’ll just wait.  Need to finish the first one first, anyway.


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