One New Exchange

Back in Australia now and kind of tired, so this probably won’t be overly lengthy.  Spent most of today flying, napping and taking Pan notes in Cairns Airport, then settling back into home.  Spent most of yesterday (Monday) wandering around, and sitting and reading in Aeon Mall near Kyoto Station.  A while was spent staring at Ruroni Kenshin movie posters in the cinema.  Perhaps I should have done more, but I’m rather an anxious traveller, and wasn’t feeling well at all with the thought that I’d soon be boarding a plane.  And I’d already gotten a great deal of sun before the weekend, and on Sunday – I went to the shrine at Inari, one I hadn’t been to before.  May blog about that separately at one point; was very interesting but grew strangely creepier as I grew more sweaty and out of breath walking up the mountain – this shrine shall henceforth be known as the Land of a Million Red Tori Gates.

So yes, wanted to stay quiet in the aircon.  More, I found some stuff I’d rather not talk about in my lunch yesterday … that didn’t improve my general health.

Nearer to the time the taxi would be taking me to the airport, I began to wander back towards the hotel, but sat at a point just across from the station in a shaded area on a low stone wall to read a little more.  I had passed that point many times walking to various locations, but had never stopped there before.

And there, after lowering my book and mindlessly contemplating my surroundings for a few moments – the very wide city street going past the station and the rumbling of trains into motion and stillness within, the sound of bleeping acquiescence and pedestrian crossings thick with … pedestrians … and  splashes of green gardens planted within the barriers of the low stone walls – I realised there was something I had to add to my novel.  Something important, something so obvious I wanted to smack myself over the head then and there that it hadn’t been included from the beginning.

Just a short exchange to add to the end of a far lengthier conversation.  It would make sense, I think, that a truly spiritual and kind woman would say “I’ll pray for you” to a sick boy before they part ways.  Whoever he is.  Even a sick boy whose people are known to worship no Gods.  Considering him and his situation, I’m guessing there will be a short pause before he manages to thank her, nothing else he can really say.  He’s hardly about to start a religious debate, and that anyone’s thoughts are with him – whether he believes or not – I know would come as a welcome comfort to him at that point.

Well, may leave it there.  Just wanted to share.  Despite feeling like a true idiot for that obvious bit of dialogue not already being written, realising that it had to be, pretty much hearing her say it as I sat there, was a good moment.  Perhaps I needed a nudge, and the revelation had something to do with the shady, soon-to-be-left location.  Or the timing, the new direction I was/am about to take.  Whichever or neither, it doesn’t really matter.  Shall be adding that to the manuscript very soon.