Tasks, Word, and Coloured Pants

Still nothing much to report or share, unfortunately.  Settling back in.  Catching up on lost sleep.  Buying much-needed pants – got four, all in different colours for fair prices (was wearing the same ones every day last week, twas my only pair without holes).  Opening foreign currency accounts to keep yen safe until the exchange rate improves.  Cleaning my room – I’ll have to do a total overhaul of pretty much everything, so that could take weeks if I only do a little bit at a time.  The pile of luggage and boxes yet to be unpacked in the middle of my floor is somewhat intimidating.

Current plans are to get chores and cleaning-related tasks done in the morning, editing and writing done in the afternoon and at night.  But with all these little and not so little moving back home-related tasks to get done, haven’t yet followed that plan.  I’m always making excuses for not working.  Has to stop, this does.  I’ll run out of excuses soon, so hopefully I’ll be able to get right back into it then.  Was doing so well right up until late June …

Also, finally got my own copy of Microsoft Office today, and hence, Microsoft Word.  Twas almost a hallelujah moment, when my dear laptop eventually decided to let it work – had to use an external disc drive to install it, as my drive refused to cooperate.  Again, I have nothing against OpenOffice, was just getting aggravated with punctuation and formatting differences between the programs.

So, just after it was installed perhaps an hour ago, I did in fact do a little editing, huzzah.  Fixed a bit of formatting, attended to a few spelling errors that are now thankfully underlined in squiggly red, and added that one new exchange from last time’s blog, as well as another new little bit.  It was related to swimming.  And getting snippy.

Another busy day of buying new stuff lined up for daylight hours tomorrow.  Shall attempt to get further through Mum’s awesome book of edits afterwards.  She’s so lovely – read through the entire manuscript on her iPad and took editing notes by hand in a second-hand journal.  It wouldn’t be nearly so full, I think, if I’d typed the entire thing on Microsoft Word … I’ll stop complaining now.

Oh well.  In the 500s.  Making progress.


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