The Shipwrecked Remains of the Susan Starlight

Up to my hip with stuff right now.  All over my bedroom floor.  Coating every surface.  Filling every drawer and every crevice.  Probably at about the twenty-five per cent mark in this total room cleaning overhaul.  Spent most of today – after getting up to chapter 33 in my edits using Microsoft Word’s lovely accurate spell checker – sorting through clothes to give to Vinnies and finally unpacking all my clothing brought home from their respective bags and suitcases, folding them into dressing table drawers and hanging on vacated hangers in the cupboard.

One interesting and occasionally painful aspect of performing such total room overhauls when you’re a writer is finding aged notebooks that had been tucked away and opening them to find pages and pages of old writings.  Today I found four or five of them – two had ancient, abysmal attempts at song lyrics filling the first ten or so pages before I clearly gave up, one was a journal I failed to keep for more than a few weeks in 2006.  The one I got a little excited about, however, was a larger hardcover notebook with pictures of dolphins decorating the covers.  This one, unlike the others, was nearly full, every page buried under my terrible handwriting – it was a little bigger back then, but just as illegible.  The first half or so of the book was filled with notes for my original fantasy epic entitled “Thunder of Eunison.”  I still intend to write this, but it’s not a priority, and may have to wait until I’m greying.  Eunison was the kingdom that came into being when I was trying to write a movie for the Jewel Kingdom series, but then morphed it into my own story when I found out a movie was already being made.  Throughout the rest of the notebook was written the beginnings of a story.  A story known as “Susan Starlight.”

“Susan Starlight” was written, I think, in 2003, as that’s about the time I was starting to watch a lot of anime, and also the year “Pirates of the Caribbean” was released.  This story was very, very heavily influenced by both this film and anime, particularly the series “Orphen.”  Three of the characters are in fact direct rip-offs of the main characters in this anime.  But I was fifteen.  I was having fun.  I did enjoy writing it, and liked it enough to type some of it up.  I never finished (there’s more in the notebook than on my computer, I think), but I posted what I’d typed on that old (forgive me if anyone still uses it) fantasy sharing site Elfwood.  Been considering picking up the basic idea again and integrating it into one of my novel series as a side plot.  It’d give one of my characters a good chance to train and grow, spending a bit of time on a pirate ship with a couple of sorcerers.

And now, to share.  Coming up in the next few posts will be the only slightly altered, complete opening chapter(s) of the 2003 original – albeit somewhat unoriginal – story “Susan Starlight.”  I hope it’s okay to post it here when it’s still up on Elfwood … it’s definitely still me, and it will be slightly different even if it’s only fixing spelling errors – I don’t want to damage the authentic fifteen-year-old style.  If there’s a problem, I suppose I’ll do my best to remember my password on Elfwood and take it down, but I don’t like my chances.  Can’t even get into the email address I was using at that time anymore.  If anyone thinks there’ll be any issues, please let me know.

(Picture’s all funny and grainy – idiosyncrasies of my sketchbook of the time.  My dear sister Frannie put this together on Paint, moving the characters closer together for me.  I fail at computers)


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