Awards and Accepting Them Rather Late

Three or so weeks ago, Luke – who writes a lovely blog called Legionwriter full of intriguing short stories and smile-provoking insights into his life – was very kind and nominated me for two blogging awards.  I’m only just getting around to accepting them.  As I’ve been using as an excuse for awhile now, I’ve been busy (and it took me a little while to research award etiquette to be sure exactly what to do with them). Now, I feel, is just about the right time to stop using busyness as an excuse.  I’m just about settled back into home.  Finished shuffling and rearranging my desk maybe twenty minutes ago, almost done fixing the room.  Now all I need is a bed.

Thank you very much for these nominations, Luke.  If you haven’t read his stuff, click on the above link and give him a look.  Well worth the minuscule muscle contractions of the finger that such a click constitutes.

Okay, firstly the Creative Chaos Award.

To accept this award, the following must be done:

1) Mention 3 weird things about myself

– I’m rather severely ichthyophobic – scared of fish.  I don’t cope well when they’re alive.  I don’t cope well when they’re dying.  I don’t cope well when they’re dead.  There was a small restaurant near my apartment in Japan that had a tank out front, and I always had to look in the other direction when I went past to make sure I didn’t see anything that would ruin my morning.  I can’t eat fish unless there’s no head, eyes, scales, fins, and tails (and bones), which made some office drinking/dinner parties rather uncomfortable affairs in Japan, Land of Fish Dining.  Whenever I’ve wound up in aquariums I’ve come out pale and shaking.  I’ve been known to shout out and cower when unexpectedly confronted with fish.  I shudder and cringe just imagining them.  If I came across fish as commonly as I do spiders or birds in everyday life, I’d probably need some kind of therapy just to get on with my business.

-I chose to study Physics in senior school over Music or Drama (which I was probably more suited to) only because I’d gotten it in my head if I did so and went on to study Engineering at university, I’d soon be building giant fighting robots.  Great plan, fifteen-year-old Beth.  Good on you.

– My grade 12 formal dress (prom dress for Americans) was modelled after a dress Arwen wore in The Two Towers.  You know, the one with the beautiful billowy transparent sleeves?

2) Are you a glass half empty kind of person?

I think I am, depressingly, quite often a glass half empty sort of person, a pessimist.  But there are so many other sorts of people – defeatist, novelist, elitist, survivalist… this poster is awesome.  It hangs on my sister’s wall.  I like contortionist best – the glass is half full of ME!

3) You find yourself in a desolate place when your car breaks down. You have no cell phone service, no Wal-Mart, and only a candy bar for food. It is 150 miles to the closest town. What color are your underpants and why?

Well, I’d probably have to say first that I wouldn’t likely find myself in such a situation.  I have no licence, and therefore no car.  I don’t use a cell phone, only my mobile phone.  I have never been in a Wal-Mart, and never come across a candy bar, only chocolate bars.  But, if we’re being hypothetical … for starters, they’d be a solid colour, as silly patterns and such are only worn at night.  So black, grey, white, or flesh-coloured.  And, considering the somewhat bleak situation, I’d say they’d be white.  That’s the colour my farewell message would show up best against as I trace it in my own blood, cause no way on God’s sweet green earth will I make it that 150 miles … how far is a mile?  About one-and-a-half times a kilometre?  See, said I was a pessimist.  Probably a bit of a defeatist evident there, too …

4) Nominate 5 bloggers who recently started following you (I’m taking recent to mean in the last month or so).

Jason Alan
Vickie Lester
Vergielyn Cubol

Next, the Tell Me About Yourself Award.

To accept this award, 7 things you didn’t know about me must be shared:

1) I have a rather heightened startle reflex.  As in, if the phone or doorbell rings, I yell.  Or squeal.  Or something to that effect.  This excessive reaction has caused various people substantial humour over time, but I mostly just find it irritating.  But I can’t stop … a conditioned response, I think it is.

2) What I consider will be my masterpiece was begun when I was fourteen, and the original four characters were created by giving the four hobbits from The Lord of the Rings, who were hanging in a newspaper clipping on my cupboard door at the time, alternate names and then dreaming about them.

3) Large amounts of social interaction is not necessary for me.  I like spending time with my friends, but I could meet them for one day, have a fantastic time, and then be perfectly content until another meeting as long as a year (or longer) later.  This could have something to do with my abysmal failures at keeping in close contact, but perhaps it’s because socialising isn’t an extremely high priority for someone of my personality that I am so terrible with Facebook and e-mails.

4) When I was thirteen, I’d read the first three Harry Potter books thirteen times each (I think) and the fourth one eight times.  I have since stopped counting, and received fresh versions.

5) My top listened to song is Florence and the Machine’s “Rabbit Heart,” which currently has around 130 listens recorded in my iTunes library.  However, I had to shift my library from my desktop to my laptop before moving to Japan, so all my previous listens were wiped.  I think there were about seventy of them, then.  So all up about 200 listens. And I’m annoyed I’m about to lose all my listens again, as I’ve moved my library back onto the desktop, and will soon delete it from my laptop.

6) I am naturally blonde, yet the colour of my eyebrows, eye lashes, and so on is dark.  This has prompted some to falsely assume I dye my hair.  I do not.

7) I don’t eat fruit except for bananas.  And I don’t drink milk.  At all.  I like ice cream, though.  And cheese.  And chocolate.  And I cook with milk.  I just … can’t … drink … the stupid stuff … on its own.

Luke nominated 10 people for this award, the five from Creative Chaos plus five more commendable bloggers.  I shall do the same.  So, above mentioned nominees, please enjoy the double-whammy.  Additionally, the following lovely bloggers are nominated.
haijin amin

To all the nominees, if you wish to accept these awards please do, and I’m looking forward to reading your answers.  Thanks again to Luke, and everyone please give all these nominees a deserved click.  Spread the friendliness and share the talent.


2 thoughts on “Awards and Accepting Them Rather Late

    • I thought I looked good then, not so sure now. Still have the dress, hanging on the inside of my cupboard door. Actually worn it on a few occasions since my formal. It pays to be in a choir that has annual academic dinners 🙂

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