O! Happy the narwhal be – Sonnet #1

Take cover, be swift!  The sonnets are here!

Formatting, editing, and poor internet provision have dictated my existence of late.  Now is the time to rebel.  But not, I say, by injecting colour and life in anything potentially future providing, oh no.  Now is the time for random, pointless creation.  It is the hour for yet more remedial nonsense, though this time a woolen horned sea creature shall replace the action of spinning.

In order to shape this fresh dose of therapeutic nonsense, I employ not only a loose interpretation of iambic pentameter and a Shakespearean rhyming scheme, but what I see before me when I look from my screen, leaning back to ponder and dream.

And do not fear unnecessarily, #1 is employed only to make the title grand.  It does not herald the penning of further sonnets possessing questionable quality.  More need not follow, though I dare not predict fate when life tangles with poetic form so volatile.

I’ll stop rambling on like an eedjit now.  Let’s get to the narwhal.

O! Happy the narwhal be, sweet fins fair

Above, sunset globe hangs past somber lips

And dust clings to string that suspends in air

From chiming song  and fuchsia limb eclipse

To rest beneath such spectacle, I see

How narwhal’s gladness expands to delight

More, stitched with soul and true dexterity

The maker’s pride within lights black eyes bright

And that smile – so jolly!  Heart known by thread

Such joy, sadly, narwhal’s friend cannot show

Though both alight on melodies near dead

Less lips, knotted feline we cannot know

And lo! Higher even than butterfly

Wood-drawn rabbits by patchwork adorn sky

And if you too consider this narwhal’s sweet fins to be fair, have a look at ShanaLogic.  He was a gift from sister Erin, and I believe was purchased from this site.  While he doesn’t seem to be on sale right now, they have many other lovely, narwhal-related items that are.


9 thoughts on “O! Happy the narwhal be – Sonnet #1

    • I’m hoping that’s a good thing, though I’ll not make assumptions. Love narwhals I do – have another squishy one as well as the woolen, and a necklace, earrings, mirror, and T-shirt all of which are narwhal related. What’s better than a creature that’s a real life unicorn of the sea? I can think of nothing. Except for maybe sea cows. Sea cows are awesome.

      • We used to have a couple sea cows at the zoo near our house. They relocated several years ago, which is a shame because they were a fan fave. Very friendly creatures, sea cows.

      • I think I’ve only seen them on TV 😦 though I’m pretty sure they live in the wild in the waters off Queensland. May also be be sorely mistaken, though. They do seem very friendly, and much more graceful than land cows – though I am a fan of land cows as well. My second name means cow in Hebrew …

    • Thanks so much 🙂 Think I was in dire need of some nice, easy nonsense at that time; don’t know if I’ll ever be able to create sonnets (there needs to be a dedicated verb for “to write a sonnet”) without being in a similar situation. Not really my thing, but I still like how it flows.

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