The Most Tedious Task in the Writing Process and Regression to Japanese

Haven’t quite settled into the routine I want, yet.  Sleeping later than I mean, morning chores are taking longer than I thought, movies I’ve been wanting to watch are playing on cable, and concentration levels are currently quite abysmal.  Need to see to a few other vaguely pressing matters as well, including taxes.  Fun fun, especially when all my pay slips are entirely in Japanese.

Also, formatting is boring – just thought I’d put that out there.

Decided I should complete fixing my bad tab-y formatting once and for all in the novel, before I get more of a move on with Tom.  So some time early last week I clicked the magic backwards P button up the top of the document (I’m sure it has a real name, but that’s the one I read somewhere that I like).  The formatting was revealed and … it was awful.  Just awful.  But after deleting all the tabs and setting a good-sized first line indent, going through the entire manuscript and checking for paragraphs lost with the tab deletions is far from the most interesting task in the writing process.  It’s not so boring when I’m actually reading as I go, but that takes even longer.

More, this formatting is sleep-inducing.  Whenever I sit down meaning to get through five or six chapters, my lovely new bed sitting right beside my desk grows more and more inviting, my eyes slip shut, and suddenly I’m missing lost paragraph breaks or clicking on things that ought never be clicked on.

Shouldn’t happen quite this badly again, though.  Learned my lesson.  Shall never click tab in a story again.  Or space bar.  Except once between each word and twice between each sentence.  No more.  First line indents at 0.8cm forever.

Maybe I’m just procrastinating, insisting I get this done.  But it feels necessary.  And I have actually completed a few things recently – adjusted and expanded (a lot) on the first short story in a series I’d like to publish online (think I mentioned this in a past post – have a bad habit of forgetting what I say to certain people/write in blogs and repeating myself), self-edited it within an inch of its existence, and made minor adjustments to the second.  The second one is actually the happiest I’ve ever been with a piece of writing.  Both are currently with my lovely editor Auntie, so hopefully it won’t be too long before I get the first one out.  And a few weeks ago I was writing a lot of Pan and putting him up, though he’s going to be neglected again for a while.  Need to get more work done on Tom.  All I’ve managed recently is to re-read written chapters to try to get back into the mindset, decide that chapter ten is now chapter eleven, and the yet-to-be-written chapter eleven shall henceforth be chapter ten, and fret about character development being lacking.  And as I’d like to finish by the end of October so I can participate in National Novel Writing Month,  good forward movement is becoming increasingly necessary.

But just been feeling … so … blarg.

Sorry for the awful personal diary-esque post that’s probably at least as boring as my formatting – only nine more chapters and the epilogue to go – but I’ve not really much else to report.  Choir practice went until around 11.30 last night – we start at 7.00, and usually go until 9.30.  That’s notable, I suppose – QUMS (Queensland University Musical Society) actually gets a mention in the novel, though not by name.  It’s our 100th anniversary this year, and we have a big celebration concert on the weekend for which we were/are clearly not entirely prepared for.  By the end I’d regressed back into using Japanese for simple statements.

Sou ne.  Yokatta ne.  Mochiron.  Douzou. Tsukaretta.

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