September Sparse-ness

My poor calendar’s looking rather blank this month, isn’t it?  Two weeks ago I was in Melbourne, and from last Friday until Sunday evening my life was fully given over to my choir QUMS’s centenary preparation and celebrations – the dinner was lovely and the concert went far better than I expected, though the sopranos (my part … ) did mess up an entry in Tota Pulchra that I don’t think we’d really messed up before.  Except in the practice immediately preceding the performance.  Oh well.  We weren’t the only part to mess something up.  But we were the ones I heard the other parts talking about afterwards …

In any case, blog has suffered neglect as a result.  Even now, I rush to get something out before the day ticks over, and yet another date in September lacks a post.  Should blog quantity be considered greater than blog quality?  When your quality is questionable, I say yes.  Definitely.  Even if my voice sucks right now, I’ll keep it out here until it gets better.

Yesterday, as you probably noticed, was Monday.  I put on a quick burst and finished formatting my novel.  Hooray.

Today, as you probably guessed given yesterday was Monday, is Tuesday.  I spent much of today researching literary agents, proofreading (again, again, again, again) the first 50 pages of the novel, and then working on improving its synopsis.  Still working on that.  Paused to do this.

So.  Going into incredibly little detail, that’s what’s been happening.  Done a lot of other stuff, too.  Watched movies.  Slept in.  Ate.  Really need to work on doing less of that.  Takes up too much time.  Current life improvement plan is to ride my bike more and start getting up earlier to watch a 30 minute documentary every morning.  Should help with writing inspiration and research, as I don’t get out much.

Might blog more about the centenary another time.  Really was wonderful.


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