Gratitude for Minor Dilemmas of Dedication and Titles That Are Inconveniently Lengthy

Had a minor personal dilemma today.  The best kind, too.  Easily solvable.  Outcome of no dire consequence.  Altogether quite a pleasant thing to worry about, considering what many others have to deal with daily.

What was on my mind that had me the smallest bit worked up was dedications.

I’m well into my preparations to publish the first two stories of a short story cycle on Smashwords (still haven’t looked much into Amazon, should probably do that at one point).  Stayed up quite late yesterday working on the first, its title page, copyright statement, about the author section, contact section, and so on, as well as double-checking  the Style Guide’s formatting instructions had been followed without a single deviation.  A friend is looking into designing a cover for this first one.  My lovely editor Auntie called me today when she finished reading over the second – called me from work, in fact – to give me a great review, telling me how much she enjoyed it.  Said that she couldn’t wait until afterwards to tell me so.  That felt nice.

So, given all these preparations, it got to the point today that I was wondering who I was going to say this book was written for.  And I ran into a little trouble.

I always wanted to dedicate my first published book to Mum and Dad.  And I wanted that book to be the first one I completed.  But my first completed book, technically, is my novel.  And if these self-published electronic books work out, that will not be my first book published.  It should just be a simple name swap, but that novel has taken me years to complete.  While I have worked hard on these short stories, there’s a lot more sweat and blood in the novel.  Both perspiration and claret plasma is pretty much oozing from between its currently metaphorical pages, staining brown and blending with black ink.  That’s the one I want for my parents – I imagine they put the same amount of effort into me.  Probably more.

Asked Mum what she thought.  Think she thought I was being a little silly.  Took that as a sign that it’s safe to dedicate my first published story to another.  And considering the huge influence my time in Japan had on these short stories, I thought I might dedicate a few of them to some of my friends who made life there easier, and so much more lovely.  The first, I think I’ve decided, will go to my supervisor Haruka.  Haven’t decided about the second, but one of my teachers will get the third or fourth.  Still plenty of time to think about it.  Haven’t started writing the third one, though I do have some notes – only just decided which idea should come next.  Though technically, it is a short story cycle – they could be read in any order.  I’ll just be releasing them in recommended reading order.

So.  That worked out fine.  Now, onto the second minor issue of the day:  apparently my series title is too long.  It won’t look great on a cover.

Treading Twisted Lines with Darren, Maddi, and Kai.

But … but it’s the series title … I like it … a lot …

Oh, what to do …

I really am very grateful to be in a position that I’m able to worry about such little things.


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