It Hasn’t Rained Since July … Now It Has

And now, for the sixth segment of things that make you stop, stare, and get the creativity waterwheel churning.

Sometimes these things have no name.  Sometimes they are not even solid things.  Sometimes, they are simply words.

Got up earlier than normal today.  As in, closer to the hour I’m aiming to start getting up regularly by.  Planned to go see (and did go see) my baby brother’s uni music group’s original song assessment, and had to be up with enough time to plan the journey.  I’m never sure exactly how much earlier before a desired arrival time I have to leave, given the bus that runs past my house comes once an hour.  In any case, it wasn’t a problem:  Mum got home with more than enough time to drop me at the nearest convenient bus station.

But I digress.  Royally.

This morning, at that earlier than usual to be up for me hour, was watching the news on ABC2.  Getting disgusted with our shadow minister for education, apprenticeships and training.  Not a hard thing to do, apparently.  Then came the weather.  And as the capital cities on the brown map of Australia blinked with little graphics of suns and clouds and lightning bolts, the weather girl said it:

It hasn’t rained in Brisbane since July 21.

I’m quite sure that’s what she said.  It’s probably rained once at least somewhere in Australia since then, and as Brisbane’s where we are (though I think it’s a national broadcast … ) and it hadn’t rained a single drop since I got back from Japan, I don’t think I’m inventing that she said Brisbane.  And I’m pretty positive about the date.  Was in the twenties, at least.  In any case, by a process so fast I barely noticed and certainly didn’t understand, these words melded with a very basic idea encompassing violence and intrusive thoughts that I’d been toying with not particularly seriously for some time.  These words triggered this idea and it exploded, solidifying into what could become a feasible short story.

Never saw that coming.  And I like it.

I like liking my stories.  Makes life much more pleasant.

Spent the morning writing notes in my short story book – turquoise with gold patterns and pages edged in pale pink – and coming up with extensive additions only to scrap them again and again because the pure, original notion I find just so personal and wrenching it needs no more, neither glamour nor gore.  Actually ran my dear purple erasable ink pen out of ink during this outlining process, though extensive note-taking sessions from before today probably had more to do with that.  Shall produce the full work at some point and post up here.  See if you too consider it wrenching.

I tend to do a lot more writing about writing here than actually putting up stories, don’t I?  I suppose writing about writing was my original aim, but more stories would be nice.  And more will come.  Once I’ve seen to other projects.

Point of interest –  the feature of this segment was mentioned during the weather report as rain was predicted for today.  Suppose that wasn’t hard to figure out – there wasn’t much point bringing it up, otherwise.  And it did rain, today.  Heavily.  The drought since July has been broken.  Just like it will be at the end of this short story.  I only caught a bit of the rainy action.  Was at my brother’s performance.  Where it didn’t rain.  This was a good thing, as the performance was outside.  Apparently it hammered down at home, though.  Bit sad to miss it.  I do love rain.  Wasn’t too much of it about when I was growing up.  Even after riding to work through typhoons, the novelty hasn’t yet worn off.

Hope it doesn’t.  Rain is my sunshine.  Silly, but true.  And it is nice to look forward to and enjoy such simple things.


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