A Chocolate Pudding Chock-full of Tasty Procrastination

Been making a chocolate pudding.  Mum creamed the margarine and caster sugar for me.  I don’t like electric beaters very much.

Finished the chapter I aimed to finish to yesterday/early this morning, and tweaked it a little more today.  Fairly happy with it.  Shall see to further editing, adjustments, and additions once it’s had time to stew.

Planned next step:  writing a full, basic outline of what’s going to happen in the rest of Tom’s story, organising events into specific chapters.  I know exactly what’s going to happen, just not sure  in what order when I’m swapping between character point of views … and unsure whether to keep certain ideas that may turn this into something no longer a children/young adults’ book … and such.  Did this for my first novel, getting down the full intended plan after doing a fair amount of work already, and it worked wonders – was churning out chapters super-quick.

I don’t like starting with a full plan on paper.  Feels like I’m not leaving myself much breathing room.  I rely on my head, in the beginning.  Whether that’s truly a good idea or not is yet to be confirmed.

Been developing far more detailed outlines just before sitting down to the write the individual chapters too, which isn’t how I wrote the last book.  Wrote everything everywhere, then.  This seems to be working quite well, I think.  But want to know exactly where I’m going.  Want to check how long the final product should be, and that my final chapter count is an even number.  Or ends in a five.  I can tolerate a five, if I must.

My Pink Book is open next to me.

But I’m writing this little blog.  And making a chocolate pudding.  By choice.

Hooray for procrastination.

The microwave timer signals me to the kitchen to partake in tastiness.  Cannot ignore.  Pudding will burn.

Didn’t ignore.  Pudding did not burn.  Was tasty as advertised.


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