Everything’s Better When It’s Free … Not That It Improves The Actual Quality …

Thought I’d start playing with the coupon generator on Smashwords and offer a blog-based promotion for my new short story.

So, here it is:  the first 20 people to comment on this post with receive, by email, a coupon for a free copy of Treading Twisted Lines with Darren, Maddi, and Kai:  The Chosen Voice.  Just use the coupon code at Smashwords when you add the book to your cart.  You’ll have to sign up to Smashwords to redeem it (if you’re not already signed up 🙂 ), but the process is both easy and free.

And if you particularly enjoy the book – or abhor it, though I’m hoping for the former – please consider writing a review.  As always, I’d love to hear what you think.

My Tom story’s on hold right now – working on the third instalment of Treading Twisted Lines.  All the major aspects of the storyline are down, now I’m working on a little further character development in my pale pink and brown book.  In the process, came up with a nice idea to add to the second instalment.  Can’t believe it wasn’t already there … will cement that relationship much more, I think.  Should probably jot it down before I forget.

This story is more difficult than the first two, though.  It covers events directly after the second instalment, though with a new point of view.  But this is a short story cycle.  Though related, every story must be entirely self-contained.  Cannot assume anyone has read the second instalment (which will hopefully be out in around a month … can’t remember whether I said that in my last post … I could check, but … nah).  And cannot start by covering the events of the end of the second instalment to set the scene – the beginning of the third will be published at the end of the second as a sneak peek … so they would have just read it … I’m rambling a bit now …

I’ll figure it out.  Start with some background on the new protagonist, or about the pecking order in his work environment.  His personal philosophies, views on his life and abilities.  Something along those lines.  Blarg, don’t like starting with only reflections … like starting with action.  Does wandering a garden at night in an irritable state qualify as action?

Looking forward to comments and dishing out 20 lovely free copies 🙂


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