The Second Instalment Is Out! Let the Revolution Begin!

Treading Twisted Lines is starting to take over the world … in my lovely, innocent dreams.  But in harsh reality, world domination by fantasy short story cycle will really be helped along by more of its short stories being released.  And that’s exactly what’s just happened.

The not particularly long countdown is over.  I watched it tick down from about 12 to 0 seconds right here.  And now, the second instalment of Treading Twisted Lines with Darren, Maddi, and Kai has been released, and is available for 99 cents.  This one’s called Under the Bright Water, a tale that has made my lovely mother cry every time she’s read it.  Not that we come from a family easily stirred by literature and the like … I think I made two other dear relations who read this for me cry as well.  Hopefully, this is a good sign.

So, please have a look at my second short story right here on Smashwords.  Let me know what you think with a comment, or even a review if you feel particularly strongly about it, good or bad (good preferred, but honesty, above all else, is appreciated).

Now, the unedited third instalment must be edited and prepared for publication hopefully at the end of December (end of January at the latest), and the fourth for which I have several pages of notes must be written.  See how much more disciplined I’ve become.  Let’s hope it lasts.


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