Free Once Again – This Time, Immediately!

Experimenting with a different type of promotion for Under the Bright Water.  Need to do lots of experimenting.  See what works.  And what doesn’t.  Always learning, we are.

So.  Because you’re all so lovely for popping into my blog every now and then, I’d like to offer you all a free coupon for the second instalment of the Treading Twisted Lines series.  After clicking “add to cart” here on Under The Bright Water’s Smashwords page, just enter the coupon code below to receive your lovely free copy.

Here’s the free coupon code:  UT82F

It expires on 1 December, so make sure to download your copy by then!

Looking forward to hearing what people think.  Advice, critique, praise – any feedback is welcome!  And if you haven’t had a look at the first story in the series, The Chosen Voice, you can view its Smashwords page here.  Thanks again for all the support – such a little blog is even smaller without a few nice readers.

In other news, still trolling about for literary agents.  Re-worked my query and shall send it to two more tomorrow morning after a final edit.  Also, have a bit of a plan for National Novel Writing Month.  I was all silly, and thought we weren’t supposed to start planning until 1 November, but have since read otherwise and put a few bare bones together.  Already making matters difficult for myself – seems to be short story cycle within a novel, and leaning towards literary fiction at that.  Oh wells.  Even if I don’t finish within the month, should put a big dent in it, and eventually I’ll have something unusual to add to my portfolio.


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