Distracting Semi-Instant Covers

Spent a good chunk of time yesterday and today that should have been allocated to writing my NaNoWriMo novel devoted to designing covers. Still above word quota both days, so I’m not too worried. Especially since I’ve got a lot more time to write than most participants.

My friend Nathan does the covers for the Treading Twisted Lines series, but I didn’t want to bother him for this work-in-progress. Still, I did want something to put in the cover space on the novel’s info page. So, lacking in artistic skill as I am – particularly when it comes to digital art, I can barely use paint – I did a few Google searches and found a couple of e-book cover generators like this one, a few of them with limited free use. Made the first cover attempt entirely with that, and used the title and author name layout from that design in the next one, which I did myself in paint by cutting and re-sizing a free picture.

Hardly professional. But good enough for now.

Novel’s called Pulp Runner. As you can hopefully read on the covers. Not a straight fantasy, so a bit out of my comfort zone.

Made a cover for dear Mum’s story, too. I think Mum and Dad are having fun with their novels, so far. Hope they are.


2 thoughts on “Distracting Semi-Instant Covers

    • You’re very kind. Still, I probably shouldn’t have spent as much time as I did with them. Feeling a bit anxious about such lost time – had a huge choir concert yesterday, spent the whole day preparing and performing, and today just been too tired to get any work done.

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