Voices Behind Me – Haiku #1

Few hours ago, was flying home from Melbourne with a growing headache due to being silly and not drinking enough water during  the day. For entertainment/just staying occupied, was reading the first five chapters of a manuscript in progress – genius that I am, one I decided to write entirely by hand at work last year when I had no work, and haven’t worked on for ages – and then watched Doctor Horrible. Once it finished, think my thoughts were turned to Japan-related stuff due to the previous manuscript reading, and remembered a certain quiet experience while walking to my language class, once. I had earphones in, and it was quite breezy. And I heard things.

Wrote a haiku in English as the plane was descending. Then, just cause I wanted to see if I knew all the vocabulary, translated it into Japanese. Even better, managed to get it into Japanese without losing the haiku pattern. Probably not grammatically correct. But that’s okay. Shall now record in English, Romaji, and Kanji/Hiragana.

Voices behind me

Words I scarcely understand

But they’re only wind


Ushiro koe

Yoku wakaranai go

kaze dake da






By the way, got another rejection today, first one by mail! Milestone, anyone? Twas a very sweet little rejection letter, too. Nicest one yet, I think.


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