A Short Celebration and a Slightly Longer Lament

Hooray! Entered the winner’s circle of National Novel Writing Month, passing 50,000 words today and currently sitting on 51, 777. Mum, on the other hand, entered the winner’s circle days and days ago, and is now on something closer to 56,000 and still tinkering. Hooray, once more.

Unfortunately, Pulp Runner is not yet near complete. Probably looking at 75,000 to 80,000 words in total. Hopefully no more than that. Haven’t even gotten to the part about the angry poultry salesman yet, though I have managed to beat up a boy handing out business cards for an antique clock and tea set shop. Shall probably continue trying to match my current daily word count into December to get Pulp Runner done so I can tuck it away, bring it out in a few months, exclaim something along the lines of “oh, my golly gosh, did I actually write something this terrible?” and proceed with an intense editing session. Slightly disappointed that I couldn’t keep it closer to the 50,000 words, as I’d like to return to spending time on my Tom novel, as well as writing the fourth instalment of Treading Twisted Lines and continuing with Behind Glass, which I managed to update by two sections not too long ago but is still being seriously neglected. Heavy conflict very (very) slowly approaching, if there are any Pan readers out there.

Currently writing a character profile for Maddi of Treading Twisted Lines. I know her, but good to put her all together in the one place. Never did that for Darren and Kai. Should probably gather them all up at some point to help with future instalments. I have been finding profiles helpful, though I think I still prefer just surging ahead with stories, and letting characters grow with them.


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