Sound the trumpets … argh, too tired to bother right now …

Just won National Novel Writing Month … just wanted to make a note of it.

It’s now three in the morning.

Final word count: 79,254.

According to their word count. By Microsoft Word’s count, it’s 79,582. It’s all good, though. Maybe their count doesn’t include ellipses, and so on … suppose that’s fair.

Think I said in last blog … wanted to try to actually finish, as opposed to just (not just, far from just, but you know what I mean) hitting the 50,000 word target. Think I have a fairly conclusive last line, now. Wouldn’t have been happy, submitting before I got to write that. May have to adjust some of the stuff leading up to the last line, though. Hopefully not all of it.

Think I wrote just under 9000 words in this last sitting … hooray for personal records. The angle of my stats curve right near the end is pretty impressive, anyway.

Remains to see if this 9000 words – or any of the novel, for that matter – is any good, or even salvageable. Think I’ll give it a month. Or two. Or so.

Celebrations abound, anyway. I’ll probably feel more excited after a shower. And a sleep. I even have fresh sheets on the bed, though the cat’s already gone and covered them in her amazing coat of never-ending shedding hair.

Congrats to all who have or who are about to enter the winner’s circle, and congrats to everyone for happily summoning up their creativity and getting stuck into their novels even if they don’t win this year.

Hooray for National Novel Writing Month … time for celebratory shower.


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