The Woes of Trying to Avoid Retailer Rejection and the Perks of Advertising

Uber warm right now – meant to get up to 39 (Celsius …) degrees tomorrow. Planning on doing Christmas shopping in air conditioning, then having excessively large lunch in air conditioning, then seeing Skyfall again … in air conditioning. And maybe on the giant screen. Don’t know yet. Have to look up movie times.

Will get some work done after that. Finding – especially in this heat – that I’m concentrating best between eight thirty at night and around two or three in the morning. Got some stuff done in the afternoon today, though. That felt good. Hopefully I’ll get just as much done when I’m finished this blog, and I’ll have chapter 16 of Tom done.

Feeling a little frustrated. Sent an email to Smashwords the other day about my second book (Under the Bright Water) not being listed by a few retailers yet – I don’t like to rush people, but it’s been out for nearly a month, and I was getting a little anxious. Heard back from them today in a lovely, polite email. It read that they shall alert one retailer, but that Apple’s rejected it because there’s a formatting error when it’s read on landscape. Vanishing text, or something along those lines.

I scrolled through my EPUB copy, and couldn’t find anything like that … but maybe I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for. Or maybe it doesn’t happen all the time. In any case, I’m confused. I followed exactly the same formatting as I did for the first one, and that was released by Apple well before any of the other retailers. It seems that either Apple’s made a mistake, or I’ve made some massively annoying error that wasn’t picked up by Smashwords’s check. I suppose it’s more likely I’ve made an error, and I’m aware Smashwords admits that errors can accidentally get through their system. But I can’t quite get past the fact that I (am absolutely positive that I did though I know small oversights can be made) exactly imitated the formatting of my first book.

Argh … irritation pulses in my skull.

I’m not entirely sure what to do. I sent a reply, asking for Smashwords’s advice. Will wait to hear from them, but will probably have get rid of all the formatting, do it all again, and resubmit it. Hopefully, whatever little error got through the system will be vanquished, and it will soon be re-shipped to Apple. If they still won’t list it, I won’t have a clue what I’m meant to do. Blarg …

On another note, my first book is now being advertised here on Whizbuzz, and also here on The Vandal. They have a neat little system so when you leave a reply on the book’s page, it is automatically re-tweets to increase the book’s exposure. So if you’ve read and enjoyed The Chosen Voice (99 cents at a lot of retailers – links in the Treading Twisted Lines section of this blog if you’d like to have a look) maybe you could think about leaving a little comment? I’d appreciate your support 🙂


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