Magical Costume Inspiration, Please

Heading for the Adelaide Intervarsity Choral Festival for 10 days in January. Fees are paid, flights booked (though not yet paid), forms filled in, and so on. We’ll be singing Rachmaninoff’s Vespers. I haven’t heard them, but I’ve heard of them. And from what I’ve heard, it should be a pretty amazing sing. We’ll be doing a few other smaller pieces too, including Lauridsen’s O Nata Lux, which I’ve sung before, and absolutely adore. Shall be a little disappointed though, that I’ll probably be moving down a little to the soprano 2 part. Fewer soprano 2s have signed up, and I’m more than happy to sing it. But I already know the sop 1 part for O Nata Lux, and it is beyond divine to sing.

Not been thinking too much about the music, just yet. I’ll listen to Rach’s Vespers at some point before I go. Right now, what I’m thinking about is the opening party theme, and the costume I must procure to look suitably festive. The theme for this party is “Magic,” which should be a ridiculously easy brief for me to fill, given what I write. But I cannot sew. And all my magic-esque costumes have already been worn and seen by many of the people who will be in attendance at the festival: my Arwen formal dress I wore in 2007 at the medieval themed opening party; I’ve dressed up as Luna Lovegood for a Harry Potter themed choir camp; and a simple magical fairy princess costume with my crown and whatever wispy dress I can throw together is a fallback plan I’d prefer not to fall back on.

So, what are my options.

1) Anyone from pretty much any fantasy novel I know of: possible, but with my next to nonexistent sewing skills and the lack of cheap chain mail and elven cloaks available on the market, my best bet is a Harry Potter wizard disguised as a Muggle. Suppose that could be funny.

2) A Cirque du Soleil-like character: I love cirque and would happily dress wildly and wonderfully as its performers do. However, again with the lack of sewing ability … probably too difficult. And extravagant. Any such costume wouldn’t fit easily in a suitcase.

3) A mystical creature: but which one? A basilisk? A chimera? A narwhal selkie? Why are there no magical creature costumes that could possibly be simple (aside from the obvious elves and dwarves, which really aren’t all that simple once you think about it)? Though at the moment, I am leaning a little towards narwhal selkie. Or even just your basic, run-of-the-mill seal selkie. Cause that’s just who I am. Not entirely sure how to go about making the costume though. At all.

4) Dress in period clothes and claim to be cursed in a certain way: could be fun – paint on green spots, or feign a tick. But it is a bit odd. The last opening festival party I went to my costume was a touch obscure (theme was diamonds are forever (?) and I dressed as a successful business woman who could afford diamonds but preferred pearls), and nobody got it …

5) A witch: enough said.

6) A zombie: tempting. I love dressing up as zombies. But the theme is magic, not horror. Magical fairy princess zombie?

7) The humanoid version of my star sign: I think the general theme of the entire festival is numerology, or something along those lines. This kind of thing might be appropriate.

Any ideas? Could use a bit of brainstorming assistance. What’s a magic-related costume that should be relatively simple (and cheap …) to make/assemble, and transport from Brisbane to Adelaide by plane?


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