Paper Roses and Reviewing the Future

Wrote roughly two chapters for Tom in the last week or so, plus a slightly more detailed plan for chapter 18. Probably should have dedicated home time today (was out shopping and carolling late morning, early afternoon) to writing most of that chapter. However, the only writing-related business I saw to today was reading through – not even properly editing, I barely changed a thing – chapters 3 and 4 of my Joan story. I think I’ve mentioned it once or twice, never in great detail. Joan is entirely unrelated to Tom, unusually. Most of my books are related in some sense, set in the same state of being, sharing characters, events, and worlds. However, Joan isn’t the odd one out, it’s Tom – he’s set somewhere that remains entirely separate, thus far. Joan is set several years after Kien (novel still currently trying to raise interest in). Not a sequel exactly – at all, really – but they are very directly related. This story is an immediate future project. Once I’ve finished Tom, edited him and Pulp Runner – scary prospect, editing the NaNoWriMo novel – and am making good progress with Treading Twisted Lines, Joan is next on the list. Eleven chapters written so far, and I quite like them, a much more minimalist style, I think. So at least it’s well underway. I don’t plan to change too much, though there’s a fair bit to add – chiefly having them keep a video journal, faces masked of course. Until everyone knows what they look like, anyway.

Back to the reviewing of chapters: as I said, did 3 and 4 today, 2 yesterday night, and 1 the night before, planning to do 5 before I go to bed tonight. The only real adjustments I’m making, apart from when something reads truly terribly (this is the one I wrote seven chapters  in five days for, so finding a lot of awful speed errors) are the tidying adjustments of turning a work from an OpenOffice document into a Microsoft Word document. With the joy of Ctrl+H, it’s not taking too long. However, finding myself distracted by a lovely origami book gifted to me by my friend Ayumi. This came about from my not being organised enough to have bought a nice gift tag or card for my friend Rosie’s birthday, and setting about looking for an appropriate origami to substitute. For obvious reasons, the rose stood out. Took a while and many incorrect folds to get the first one, which I wrote on in silver and attached to her very round gift parcel. I folded a black lily for Mum once that pink rose was creased as well as I could manage.

Origami Book

The instruction book is still open beside me, and I have a pile of coloured squares – a little thick for origami paper, but it does the trick – there as well. A good fraction of the time I was meant to be reviewing this afternoon, found myself practicing folding paper roses, wanting to memorise the folds and produce a flawless flower, straight of petal. Haven’t quite memorised the steps yet, nor succeeded in creating the perfect paper rose. Probably due to the sixth step tripping me up every time (slightly open A and inside-reverse fold B beneath it). The thicker paper might be an issue too – shall try it soon with real origami paper. Probably some in the house, somewhere.

Would be nice to be able to produce an array of paper flowers should necessity ever demand it. Probably shouldn’t sacrifice too much reviewing time for it, though. Writing time, even less. Tomorrow’s plan: laundry, dishes, chapter 18. Maybe a rose or two if I reach the halfway point before dinner. Haven’t folded one in orange yet.

blue flower


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