Treading Twisted Lines Continues For Free (Hopefully Before the Year’s Out)

Finished the first section of the fourth instalment of the Treading Twisted Lines series, today. The working title for this one is Stronger, but that’s already the third title I’ve tried. Shall probably change it again.

What this means, is that the third instalment of the series (The Rat) might be released by the end of the year, after all. I’m happy with it, it’s been edited several times by the usual suspects – my lovely Mum, my lovely editor auntie, and myself – and I’ve entered discussions as to the cover art. All that was missing was the teaser excerpt from the following instalment, which is now taken care of. Perhaps I should wait until the fourth one is actually complete but … I’d rather not. It’s planned in fair detail, and looks set to be quite long – it’s the first to outline most of the protagonist’s life to the point where things start to unravel and explode. Shall see what happens, but with multiple projects on the go, I’m not sure when a final product, let along a well-written, edited final product, will exist in a happily completed Word file, ready and rearing in my Smashwords Publish folder.

It’s hard to know what to work on, right now. Haven’t quite decided whether Treading Twisted Lines or Tom takes precedence, though it’s usually Tom that wins out in the end. Was working on him just then. I was hoping to finish chapter 18 tonight (clearly I didn’t manage it the other day, nor the days following …), but shall probably just finish this section, and (attempt to) finish it off tomorrow.

So, back to the third instalment’s release: since I don’t know for sure for sure if it’s possible, I won’t put up a countdown just yet. But I’ll very, very tentatively aim for my December 30.

And to finish, some good news: this book, entitled The Rat, shall be a free e-book. As shall the sixth instalment, the ninth, the twelfth: every third book in this series will be released entirely free of charge.

Hooray for hopeful, sub-standard marketing strategies.


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