Absence Makes The Blog Grow … Something … And A Nice Thesaurus …

Longest absence from my not-particularly-useful-to-anyone-yet-darling-to-me blog since I started it in May this year, I believe. Sadly, this 101st blog shall be nothing special to make up for that. In fact, the beginning shall be filled with boring excuses to try to justify said absence to myself. Here we go:

Numerous carolling gigs, tail-end of Christmas shopping, helping prepare house for hosting a family Christmas party, re-vamping my novel enquiry letter, re-vamping my novel synopsis, finalising rough draft of a short story, sister coming up from Melbourne … playing The Sims … I think that’s it. Apart from general summer laziness and humidity blues.

Got a bit of editing for the two re-vamps printed to ponder over once I’m finished up here, as well as for the new short story. Current plan for tomorrow is to attack and finally (finally) finish chapter 18 of Tom after music practice for the Christmas Eve mass.

Family Christmas party for Dad’s side of the family was today. Nice to see people – first time I’ve seen a number of them since coming home from Japan. Food and drink was plentiful (and not too much, as is often a minor issue), and the conversation amusing and/or informative. Mum and Dad’s squishable invasion plan for cousins’ gifts was a highly successful operation. Many cousins were seen after the de-gift-bag-ing to be snuggling their respective mini squishy animals, and one little second cousin wouldn’t be parted from his sweet green T-Rex for a moment. If you haven’t seen a squishable, I highly suggest you have a bit of a click on the above link … they’re quite beyond adorable. I HAVE A NARWHAL … in case you haven’t already figured that out 🙂 Narwhal is a mini. Have a large original raccoon, too. His name’s Don Don.

Returning from that squishy tangent, among the various lovely gifts I received (twenty-four year old niece that I am … probably shouldn’t be getting such pressies anymore …) was included a book that made me smile: The Highly Selective Thesaurus for the Extraordinarily Literate by Eugene Ehrlich. Haven’t heard of it before, but planning on reading it cover-to-cover and setting it near-permanently on a little green book stand by the computer.

Spend a lot of writing time – as the introduction of the book states is common/unavoidable for most writers, though this was first released in 1994, so there was mention of books, not websites  – frequenting various thesaurus sites. Not necessarily looking for more uncommon words to vary with a staple word – corrupt works just as well as debauched, iniquitous, and nefarious, however awesome these words are. Given how huge and amazing English is, a bit of variation is good, but not only for the sake of variation. Time on these thesaurus sites is mainly spent just looking for … the right word. Can be infuriating at times, when it remains elusive. Am hopeful that this useful-looking book shall prove … useful … in that department.


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