Elephants Keep Earth Safe From Cat Paws

So, the Earth is flat. Our flat Earth rests on the back of a giant serpent, that rests on the backs of a quartet of elephants. And, of course, it is well known that this quartet of elephants stands in formation on the tough, unyielding shell of a mammoth turtle that drifts and swims placidly through the void of space.

That just goes without saying. Common knowledge. Generally accepted. -Ish. For whatever reason. I’m really not sure how people figured this out with such limited access to scientific instruments. Would have been fairly difficult, unless you could somehow see the turtle’s reflection in the flat sea. In reverse …

Well, what I’m sure you didn’t know, is that the Computer Keyboard also rests on the back of an elephant. Assisting in holding up the ungodly weight of the Computer Keyboard are the tips of two bouquets of pens and pencils sitting side-by-side in decorative pen holders. The reason? To keep the cat from walking all over the keys and filling my documents with garble while I’m lost in a moment of thought.

This begs a rather ultimate question, one we never even considered in school:

Is Earth balanced on top of elephants to keep the cat from walking all over it, or knocking it over?

keyboard rests

We are never meant to know the answer …

keyboard rests and cat


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