Distractions, Desire, and the Art of Playing Demi-God

My greatest distraction right now is Sims 3. I think I got the game late in the year it came out (2009) as the store-bought disc version, but then received the Steam version while I was in Japan, so I could have a bit of a play on my laptop now and then. Unfortunately, whenever I do anything leisure-related, I tend to do it hard, be it TV show watching, reading, or simming. I can very easily sim for up to four or five hours at a time without noticing at all how long I’ve been building houses, forcibly forging friendships, and in general playing demi-god. Not as bad as some of the tales I’ve heard from past Guild Wars enthusiasts about their incredibly lengthy periods of non-stop play , but not the best situation to put myself in when there is so much to be written.

Luckily, it never seems to lasts. I sim significantly for a week or so, give or take a few days, and then don’t touch the game for quite some time; two or three months is the normal abstinence period. Then, the urge resurfaces and I’m again temporarily sucked back into the Sim world.

I’ve gone a little overboard this time, though. The Sim-urge usually doesn’t last this long. I think I can safely attribute it to the fact that I received two very nice expansion packs – Pets and Seasons – from sister Frannie for Christmas, and bought an items pack myself on sale in the Steam Store. I hope I’m not taking a leap of faith, trusting that this current Sim phase will not last. Otherwise, I may have to start being firm with myself, and actively fight the desire to play. That doesn’t sound like fun …

Should finish chapter 19 of Tom tonight, by the way. Tonight, or tomorrow afternoon after we get back from Stanthorpe . That’s a little country town around 220 kilometres from Brisbane quite well-known for its national parks and wineries – we’re off wine tasting in the morning. Came up with some excellent ways to round this chapter up in the shower after a rather extended period of simming. The simming itself probably had little to do with the sudden little crackles of inspiration, but perhaps the act of abandoning Sims 3 somehow improves the brain’s capabilities.

Good excuse for me to keep playing …


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