Until the Twentieth

Tomorrow, shall be boarding a morning plane and travelling south-west for Adelaide to partake in a choral festival, ten days worth of singing and frivolity. Much of it in a castle. It has turrets.

Needless to say, given said castle, the likelihood of my continuing to post in a (generally) regular fashion shall be hindered from tomorrow until the twentieth, when I return home. Castles, I believe, are not known for their wi-fi. Particularly those with turrets.

If my evaluation of the castle wi-fi situation proves inaccurate, perhaps I’ll try for a quick post now and then. However, such posts probably would not be worth reading, as I could not promise them the degree of effort they deserve, given my time will be pretty well occupied with rehearsals and the above-mentioned frivolity. More, they would make the title of this post rather redundant. So, even if there is internet access, I’ll probably take a break, and stay absent from the doll thermometer until the festival is over. Any truly free moments should probably be devoted to getting the bare bones of the next Treading Twisted Lines story finalised. Had a bit of a moment over my notebooks, before: didn’t like the notion of bringing them, liked the notion of leaving them at home even less. So they’re coming. They may just be extra weight, but … can’t really do much about it. And I’ll be glad, if I need them.

So. Until the twentieth.

Good blogging to you all.


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