The 101 Challenge: MUSIC

As the new editor of my choir’s newsletter, I came up with a little writing challenge. I’m sure I mentioned several dozen posts ago that 2012 was the centenary year of my choir QUMS (the Queensland University Musical Society). Logically, that would make 2013 our 101 year, which quickly lead to the notion of giving the choir a theme, and asking the members to write 101 words about it. Ideally, I would receive several 101 word entries from a few choir members, and publish them together in a special section of the newsletter.

Today was the deadline for newsletter submissions. And how many did I get for the 101 challenge?

That’s right, nada and zilch.

As such, I’ve extended the deadline until Friday. At least one person approached me tonight, though, and promised to send one in, which is lovely. Hopefully that means I won’t have to publish the little example I wrote and read out in hope of giving everyone a bit of a creative nudge. Got a few laughs, but I think that’s because I leaned towards the over-dramatic in my presentation.

So. If I wind up needing to release my own version of the 101 challenge – this issue, the theme is MUSIC (thought that was nice and basic for a group of choristers) – there’s going to be trouble. At least, as much trouble as a choral newsletter editor can give their fellow choristers. And I can be very annoying.


And then, the tune emerges, and a glimmer of starlight alights on our mind

What else raises our living soul to the heavens while hundreds of toes, wriggling with joy, remain at rest with earthly dust?

What else unites our heart so effortlessly, transcending the barriers this world so callously imposes?

What else soars as desert breeze, crashes as thunder, echoes deep and menacing as growls issuing from claustrophobic blackness and deep rock, and falls quiet as healing rain, as weightlessly as snow?

What else brings forth the shattering power of silence?

For us, only this

And the music goes on


6 thoughts on “The 101 Challenge: MUSIC

  1. Good luck with your 101 challenge 🙂 Since I’m not in your choir and therefore can’t participate, I instead gift unto you this haiku:

    Ink blots on a page
    Flowing up and down the bars
    Endless symphony

    • Aww, thanks. That’s just lovely 🙂 Might add it to the newsletter if there’s room, if you don’t mind. It might give people some happy, music-y creative thoughts.

      • Go for it! And then you’ll have to send me a copy / tell me where to get one so I can be like “OMG my haiku’s in print OMG” and they’ll be like “Stop saying OMG. No one says that anymore. What are you, 12?”

      • Say OMG all you like – I’ve never grown up either. I have a feeling some of the people who promised me submissions are going to bail on me, so your haiku may be my saviour 🙂 Of course I’ll email you a copy, if I pop it in. It’s not particularly impressive, though. Just a community choir newsletter.

      • I joined a choir once. I was given the lead solo along with another girl. I was supposed to sing the first verse, then we sang the chorus together, then she sang the second verse. Instead I started singing the second verse, so then she had to sing exactly the same words 45 seconds later. Sigh.

      • Nothing wrong with that – all choristers have war stories of some description. I’ve had particularly bad luck when it comes to musicals: had a lead role in grade 7, lost my voice the day before; lost my voice a week before the auditions in grade 9 and sounded terrible; was conscripted to play piano in grade 12, and not allowed to audition for the cast 😦 Something, somewhere out there, doesn’t want me singing solos … kinda defeated it now, though 🙂

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