Long Chapter is Long … Longer, At Least

Finished chapter 24 this afternoon. And long chapter is long. Not as long as many of the chapters in my first novel, but the longest by far in Tom. And that was after I decided to move the original end of chapter 24 to the beginning of 25, along with the previously pseudo-chapter. It’ll still be separate from most of 25. It’ll be in italics.  Everyone knows that when you want to make something a memory, flashback, or dream in the middle of the chapter, you type it in italics.

Have not yet started 25, though I have half the notes done already, now 🙂 Spent the afternoon working on the choir newsletter. Sadly, a few lovely submissions have to be put aside until the next issue to make room for reports, including the beautiful haiku Michelle Proulx wrote for me. Almost done. Just waiting on one … more … report …

Wow, got a text that very moment saying the report was just sent. Hooray. Should probably go and finish up the newsletter so I can try to do a little of chapter 25 before snoozing.

And now, for your enjoyment: a butterfly made out of stocking bought at a school fete many years ago

Stocking Butterfly


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