Blogging Leave

Just wanted to pop something up saying I’m on brief self-imposed blogging leave while I’m finishing this novel. Almost finished writing the thing, then going into serious high-speed editing-mode, so serious I’m probably not going to be capable of coming up with anything to write here that’s worth reading. Shouldn’t take up internet space with any rubbish not worth it.

I’ll likely be away from checking out everyone else’s work for a while too, sorry about that 😦 Hopefully I’ll be back mid-March or so. I may find I can’t stay away, anyway. Shall see what happens.

This post is more for my own peace of mind than anything else. Just to kind of remind me if I sign in, frantic that I’m not keeping my blogging schedule, that it’s okay, and I can focus on the novel.

Hope everyone’s doing well, and hope to be back soon. Preferably with a novel I’m happy with.


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