Editing Chapter 23 and Exciting New Titles

Laptop’s overheating. Need to wait for it to settle down before continuing with editing. So, thought I’d jump on for a brief blog. Break the self-imposed leave, just for one post.

Finished the first draft of Tom on Sunday, 24 February, I believe. Been in severe editing-mode since then. Currently working on chapter 23. Been getting roughly two chapters edited each day – I’ve split screened the computer, and am re-typing everything from scratch. I think it’s easier to spot errors this way, and realise when something looks/sounds just plain wrong. It can, however, get a little tiresome. Been feeling rather burnt out. Hence why I played roughly two hours of Sims 3 today.

A little concerned that I’m not cutting and/or changing as much as I thought I’d be doing in these later chapters, considering how quickly I wrote them. Perhaps I didn’t leave a long enough gap between the writing and editing, but I am fast running out of time. I don’t think I’ll make my original 10 March deadline; aiming now for between 15 and 20 March. If I use express post and what-not, I should still be fine to submit the story in time for 29 March. It only has to snail-mail it as far as New South Wales, shouldn’t be a problem from where I am. Might be a little expensive though, considering how many pages it’s going to be. Does anyone know if there’s a general rule when it comes to writing competitions, whether the hard copy manuscript can be printed double-sided, or if it has to be printed on one side only?

New and exciting news! Working with a title for Tom, a much more official one than just… Tom. Currently referring to this novel as Tom Ness Changes. I’ve run through a few other ideas e.g. To Keep the Memory, Preservation, Tom Ness and the Mystical Museum, and just plain Tom Ness. While I liked most of these, all of them seemed to place the story in a different, rather rigid box. Tom Ness and the Mystical Museum, though it sums up the story quite well, sounds like a book only for quite young children, which it certainly isn’t; To Keep the Memory sounds more romance/drama than fantasy,  and doesn’t quite suit the folksy feel I’m trying to go for. Tom Ness Changes has a kind of abrupt feeling that makes it quite appealing to me, plus multiple interpretations, which is always a … plus. I think it might evoke curiosity about the story more than any of the other titles I was working with.

And in other totally non-story related news for a change: had a job interview. Crazy. And it actually went well, so I might actually get the position. Which means working in the day, writing at  night, and doing all other stuff… never. Hooray! Entering the ranks of all other struggling working writers 🙂 Hooray … blarg.

Shall return to more regular blogging once Tom Ness Changes is all packed up and ready to send, complete with synopsis and 50 word author biography. Have to write those, too…


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