Missing Exhibit Sent Off

Just wanted to let you know, my Tom novel got sent off to the competition, no problems, yesterday afternoon. The title I wound up with after much brainstorming with Mum and Dad – the only people who’ve read the novel thus far – was Missing Exhibit. Thanks to those brainstorming sessions, I now have working titles for the second and final books in the series as well. Hooray.

Evoked some tears, and apparently there’s a lot of perceived depth. So, that’s good. Got some other nice comments as well. Very much appreciate them; I hope others like it as much as my lovely parents.

Just some basic figures now:

Final page count: 303

Final word count: 155900

Doing some more work on Behind Glass now, as well as some much overdue Treading Twisted Lines, and also starting transposing old notes of my next novel. Also also wik, want to get the bare bones out for a short story while I’m bussing this weekend. Heading to Rockhampton over Easter to sing in the Queensland Choir Eisteddfod. So, plenty to keep me busy.

Should probably leave Tom sequels alone for a while. I’ve done enough to him for now.


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