Batiste: Fabric, Barrel, or Roach?

And now, let’s play Balderdash…

I played Balderdash for the first time while I was away in Adelaide in January. We played two-and-a-half games (I think it was) between rehearsals one morning, and I won each time. Inwardly glowing, sure it was writing skill that allowed me to invent word meanings and claims to fame with consistent success in this game of fudging, I went out and bought my own copy soon after arriving home… and was promptly thrashed by my parents. I think they recognised my style when my movie blurb for Crazy Fat Ethel 2 described an attempt to replace the world’s fashion models with genetically-engineered ostriches…

Anyway, do like this game – allows for opportunities to stretch creativity and imagination with a brief time limit. Thought I’d give it a go here; hopefully shall become a more common post-format. Using categories from the game, I shall provide three possible meanings/blurbs/whatevers for a given word/movie/thing, one correct and two invented. Let’s see if I can trick anyone… or make you laugh, or cause you to blink incredulously. Let me know which you think is correct in the comments. And no dictionaries, no googling – not until you’ve guessed first!

Category: Words


a) A fine plain-weave cotton fabric used especially for shirts and dresses

b) Once only applied to easily-stackable barrels used to store drinking water on long ocean voyages, now any barrel treated to store and transport liquids

c) A carnivorous roach found in West Papua known for the distinctive cross-shaped patterning on its thorax


2 thoughts on “Batiste: Fabric, Barrel, or Roach?

  1. Fun idea for blog posts! I knew this one, though – words of French extraction are my specialty. 😉

    I don’t think I have played Balderdash before…sounds fun.

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