Farnsworth: Physiotherapist, Activist, or Inventor?

Between a little general shopping for a bit of office wear – I start a real job on Monday – I padded out my fantasy collection today with the purchase of a box set of every A Song of Ice and Fire book currently released. Haven’t read them before, but am enjoying the HBO series. My reading list just keeps growing – currently reading Cloud Atlas, then I have to finish Flightless Falcon, then The Courts of the Feyre series, Wool, Prince of Thorns… then I can move on to Mr Martin’s yet-to-be-completed epic.

Probably shouldn’t do any more novel-writing until I’ve at least read all of that. No excuses for Treading Twisted Lines, though. Decided to treat the elusive story 4 – got it titled Stronger right now, but may change that to The Little Strong Girl, or something along those lines – as a fairy tale to see if that will help my continuing block against it. Unlike the others, story 4 wasn’t conceived in a flash of wondrous inspiration, you see. Hence, I’ve gotten it in my head and heart that it’s not something anyone would want to read. I just have to make this mundane-in-my-mind story more magical … though not necessarily literally.

Enough of that. Try to pick my nonsense below. Remember, no googling until you’ve had a good guess. Post in the comments which you think is correct 🙂


And now, let’s play Balderdash…

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Philo T. Farnsworth

a) A physiotherapist known for his work with baseball players in the 1940s

b) The environmental activist responsible for continuing demonstrations protesting South Africa’s reliance on nuclear power

c) One of the original inventors of the television