High Pressure: A Film Star, Con Artist, or Scientist’s Story?

Been doing a lot of reading. Bus rides to and from work are good for that, I’ve found. I’ve also found that I’ve missed reading. A lot. I suppose it’s an inferiority complex sort of thing, but I just can’t read while I’m in the process of trying to write my own novels. Finished Cloud Atlas and Flightless Falcoln; started Wool today.

Some movie blurbs to balderdash today – remember, no googling until you’ve guessed 🙂

And now, let’s play Balderdash …

Category:  Movies

High Pressure

a) A cowardly action film star is mistaken for an international spy and given three days to surrender to a terrorist syndicate, else they drop a bomb on Los Angeles

b) Story of a slippery con artist who tries to get people to invest in artificial rubber

c) A love triangle unfolds between a geologist and two marine biologists on a deep sea submarine expedition


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