To Read in One’s Own Words

Late nights singing, overtime and and a weekend away at choir camp all aligned at the end of the week and kept me away from the computer longer than I’d like. Not much to report save a small personal achievement: for my review (sort of like a talent/variety show, if anyone requires an explanation) item at camp, I read the first scene from Under the Bright Water aloud. I thought it fit the evening’s costume theme – book characters. Thought about dressing as one of my own characters, but decided that might be a little pretentious.
Twas a touch nerve-wracking, reading my own work. I know I’ve already published it, but still. It’s a little different, sharing it that way. More personal. I chose Under the Bright Water as it’s still the piece of writing I’m most satisfied with overall. I received several good comments about my style and quite a few said they were going to read the rest and would look into reading the rest of the series, which makes me happy.
I’ve really got to get a move on with the fourth story in Treading Twisted Lines and keep the series moving along. Number four’s been eluding me for far too long.

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