S.P.M.A.: Architecture, Mountaineering, or Sewage?

Wanted to post a post I’ve had on ice since the middle of last year, but it involves an audio file and I am currently too stingy to fork over the twenty dollars a year to be able to upload audio files on WordPress.  I may start a YouTube channel to get around it, but tonight was meant to be a no thinking night, so that will not happen right now.  So, after dumping out all the water, that post is going back on ice and I am posting something that requires minimal thinking and/or creativity.  Remember, have a guess before googling.

And now, let’s play Balderdash …

Category:  Acronyms


a) Society for the Protection of Medieval Architecture

b) Scottish Pre-teens’ Mountaineering Association

c) Sewage Plant Manufacturer’s Association


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