The Music Remains Radiant

Have to say, I’m thrilled by how radiant the triple j audience’s taste in music has remained for so long. I wrote this post a little while ago trying to narrow down my favourite songs since ’93 in order to vote in this countdown of the greatest songs of the past 20 years. Painfully, the task was managed, and songs 100 – 51 were played today, me frantically swapping back and forth between grainy classic radio and constantly-dropping-in-and-out internet radio.  A quarter of my top twenty songs (not to mention a few from my massive shortlist) have already made an appearance –

#92 – Little Talks (Of Monsters and Men); #88 – Monsters (Something for Kate); #70 – ! (The Song Formerly Known As) (Regurgitator); #65 – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Daft Punk); and #58 – No Aphrodisiac (The Whitlams)

– and I’m expecting a few more to show up in the top 50 tomorrow.  Visit triple j’s website to have a look at the full list.

I think there have been only four songs played so far that I don’t find spectacular pieces of music, and even those four I can appreciate how they might be spectacular for others.  Spent a brilliant afternoon sweeping, washing, and generally tidying, bopping around the kitchen when that was done, singing along to half-remembered words, re-discovering brilliant music I’d almost forgotten, learning how to tweet properly, annoying Facebook by posting every time one of my songs appeared, social networking and messaging sister Erin in Melbourne, squealing and whoo-ing with sister Frannie when yet another awesome song began, and pacing and sobbing near uncontrollably during certain songs (which made it somewhat difficult to sing along – not that tears stopped me from trying :)).

Looking forward to the top 50 tomorrow. However much pure audio rubbish has been released since ’93, if that veil of relative shallowness, auto-tuning and less-than-savory lyrics is drawn back, it’s easy to see just how brilliant the last 20 years have actually been for music.

Thought I’d share a little of the Australian contingent to make it in the countdown so far – its fairly sizable, I’ve been glad to hear.  Regurgitator is a Brisbane band and they have any number of brilliant songs – Black Bugs and Kong Foo Sing come to mind – but their 1997 classic ! (The Song Formerly Known As) is a bit of an anthem, I think, for folks a little like me.  Regurgitator is a life-love of sister Frannie’s and this is the only song to get in the list so far that both sister Erin and I voted for.  The song and film clip are below.  Hope you enjoy it 🙂


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