My Poor Dear Blog Is Now Sullied

Freaking out because SUDDENLY ADS ON MY BLOG!

Considering other WordPress bloggers don’t appear to have this problem, I am guessing this is a result of my naive attempt to download an old freeware game and what I downloaded turning out to be not a game. Thought I got rid of everything by running the antivirus program. I don’t know much, but I’m guessing it maliciously twisted itself into my code or something.


Unfortunately, I have no idea how. I’ll probably have to wait for sister Frannie to finish exams and beg for aid.

In the meantime, I’m so sorry. If you are seeing these ads on my blog, please be assured that I do not support any of these products/scams/etc. Please do not click on them. Hoping to have my blog cleansed in the very near future.

In other news, it seems I’m apparently not able to keep up my past habit of blogging every two days when I now finish work so late every night. I’ll try to get a couple up every week, but don’t know how regular they’ll be. I’m sure no one will mind/notice. ย Also, editing again. Going through Missing Exhibit and Embraced in no particular order, hoping to tart them up a bit. Just in case there’s suddenly a prospect of representation/sale.

Hope all’s well. Just a general warning to those bloggers such as myself who are not particularly technologically savvy and rely on the aid of others and the lovely simplicity of such sites as WordPress:



6 thoughts on “My Poor Dear Blog Is Now Sullied

    • More recent update – been informed that others are not seeing the ads and on checking my iDevice they don’t appear to be popping up there. Hopefully this thing is contained to my computer only. Really am hoping no one else is seeing these.

  1. It’s not from anything you’ve downloaded. I see them occasionally on mine as well, but they only show up if I’ve happened to click over from something else. If I’m logged in as normal, they aren’t there. I wonder if it has do do with if someone finds the blog via search engine or something.
    At any rate, no sulliness that I can see!

    • When I was logged in, the adds were still there ๐Ÿ˜ฆ It’s all good though – all fixed now. I’m glad there’s no effect anywhere else and hopefully, whatever the cause, this won’t happen again.

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