Still No Scene and Suddenly Bagpipes

Okay, this randomly generated scene is taking much longer to put together than I thought.  Must be all the time I’ve left in between. Normally these things churn out between 30 minutes and two hours. I’ve put too much thought into it over the week, I suppose. It’ll be so disappointing when it eventually goes up and it’s as average as all the others 🙂 Hopefully by the end of the weekend the rest will be scraped together.

Also, what’s up with all these scenes?  No matter what words are generated to work with, they produce misery. The only vaguely non-dark story is the hungry assassins one I wrote for Michelle – that’s right, hungry assassins are the lightest thing I’ve got –  and I had to coax and ridicule that ending out of myself like the almost-empty toothpaste analogy.

I suppose my novels are the same. I’m not so good at making the happy. Misery comes much more naturally. Interesting, when I’ve very little personal experience of honest misery to draw on.

Should probably work more on the happy. Maybe a self-challenge for the randomly generated scene after this one – no chance whatsoever of salvaging the situation these words have produced – to be of slightly lighter content, maybe even a little humorous.

But probably shouldn’t set a challenge I know can’t be done.

Maybe it’s possible, though, if one of the random words is bagpipes. For the following are unfortunate facts:

Suddenly Waterworks = Me+Bagpipes

Severity of Suddenly Waterworks = (Me+Bagpipes)+((Mindset)(Situation))+Amazing Grace

It’s all true.  Sometimes the following is even true:

 Suddenly Waterworks = Me+Just Thinking About Bagpipes.

Pipers appear reasonably frequently in Brisbane; frequent enough to have developed the above equations. But through all of the suddenly waterworks, I find my reaction to bagpipes pretty funny, particularly when mindset and situation are quite low numbers, as they generally are.

Still, should probably never go to the Tattoo.  Likely it would kill me.

(In case anyone’s minded to try them out, mindset and situation are given values equal to or greater than 0, 0 being total neutrality. There is no need to differentiate between emotions when it comes to bagpipes, not when “me” is in the equation)


4 thoughts on “Still No Scene and Suddenly Bagpipes

  1. Hahaha I love that your problem is that everything you write is emotional and intense. I have the exact opposite problem — every time I try to write a serious scene, I find myself inserting jokes and ridiculous metaphors that totally ruin the mood 😀 Maybe we should do a swap — whenever you need a fun scene, send it to me to write, and whenever I need a serious scene, I can send it to you 😀

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