Sketchbook Memories #1

I kept a few sketchbooks from when I was about 14 years old to around 17 or so. Nothing contained in them is astounding, but there’s not one image unrelated to some story idea – most from various epics, one or two from spur of the moment head narratives that will never exist on any page, solid or electronic, apart from where those few rough drawings reside.

I’ve used a few pictures from these books to illustrate past posts, but as they’re all story-related and 10 years later I’m much less self-conscious about my drawing ability, I thought it might be fun to share a few now and then.

First up, we have this nice elf-inspired lady (not actually an elf…), the vaguely Aragorn-esque figure from what I still consider to be my main work (I’ll get right on it …) that was begun when I was 14. She probably won’t actually have many piercings in that form and I’m not sure about her nose here, but I like her hair and her nice pointy ear. There’s a letter C on her necklace that you can’t see; it’s for Caitlyn.

Sketchbook Memories #1

Sketchbook Memories #1 – Elf-like lady who’s not really an elf with a sort of Aragorn-like role but, then again, not really. Buy the book … eventually

(And yes, I am just taking pictures of sketchbook pages with iDevices – I’m not one for scanning)


6 thoughts on “Sketchbook Memories #1

    • Glad it looks okay 🙂 I’ll feel less uncommitted due to my being too lazy to scan anything now. Loved your views on fantasy – I like my fantasy as realistic as possible. Can’t stand it when there are no rules.

      • Thank you! I like pretty much all fantasy, but I do have to say the trend for more grit and realism has been refreshing. It’s one of those things where once I started reading it just clicked as something that I had been missing but didn’t know what and then there it was! 🙂

      • Do love those click moments 🙂 I think I eventually just got tired of reading blurbs in the library fantasy section and finding that every single one featured pretty much the same story.

      • Hahaha, I know exactly what you mean. A bit off topic but are your stories on Amazon? I couldn’t seem to find it there. Was going to leave a review for the first one. I’ll read the others soon. (If you haven’t checked goodreads, I liked it!) 🙂

      • My stories are most places except Amazon 🙂 Smashwords, iTunes store, B&N, Sony ebook store, Kobo, etc. I’d love any review you’d like to write, wherever you write it – destroy me if you wind up hating any of them; I just need feedback 😀 As you can probably tell, I’m experiencing an eternal drought of reviews. My lacklustre marketing know-how/efforts probably have something to do with this.

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