Sketchbook Memories #3

Was writing a randomly generated scene, but started work on it too late. Plus, I want to keep reading. Kind of concerned about what shape I will be in once I finish this – John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars.

Got some good work done on it; the scene should be ready over the weekend.

The long-haired young lady below, I believe, is a soil guardian – a sub-elemental spirit, of sorts. The story and absolutely massive cast she belongs to is, unfortunately, the very last on my agenda.  Probably won’t get to it until I’m at least sixty, if at all, which is a bit depressing. But it does give me a target for when I have to have everything else finished by.

Soil Guardian

The soil guardian. Unsurprisingly, she gets on very well with the rain guardian. Farmers dig them both.

(Pretty sure I drew this while watching ER)


4 thoughts on “Sketchbook Memories #3

    • Thanks 🙂 You’re very sweet. That one’s one of the earliest in the books, definitely from when I was 14. Think I was just determined to draw background for a change.

  1. It’s not very fair to mention things like this and then let your readership know that they will have to wait 40 years before learning more…particularly as I would like to read a story about soil guardians very much. Oh well.

    I finished Missing Exhibit a while ago…I liked it very much. I will have to talk to you more about it some time!

    • Don’t worry – the soil guardian was never a main character 🙂 Even once/if it’s written, you probably wouldn’t get to find out that much about her anyway.

      Glad you read it all. Hope that ellipsis doesn’t indicate you found anything too unsavory about it 🙂 You can email me if you wish to condense your thoughts to that medium. If not, we’ll talk sometime soon 🙂

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