Sketchbook Memories #4

Not quite sure if this one counts as a memory yet. This is a character from one of the novels I’m currently working on; it was nowhere near close to conception when I kept regular sketchbooks. So this sketch, in fact, was only done this year and is located in the back of the very same pink book that I wrote my third doll thermometer post about.

I won’t say much about her, given that I hope this novel – this novel – will actually (finally) be my first published – getting ready (once again) to hit up all the literary agents to see what they think. Got a cover letter I’m quite happy with, a two-page synopsis and the sample chapters all ready to go. What I will say, I suppose, is that she’s the sister of the protagonist (whom I have been entirely unable to draw despite several attempts) and most people call her Jo. And she’s meant to be darker – I fail at shading, so I must have decided to just leave it as it was.

And she likes chocolate.


This is Jo, protagonist’s sibling in the work I’m currently seeking an agent for and the subject of one of the very limited character pictures I’ve managed since I stopped actively being a teenager.

(Don’t quite mind how the shadows have turned out in taking the photo of this one)


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