Sketchbook Memories #5

I don’t remember drawing this one; it’s near the back of the second of the two sketchbooks I kept. Second as in began drawing in second – they were kept simultaneously. She’s been in existence since I was fourteen, she’s a major character in my as-yet unwritten (though begun and scrapped multiple times) epic, and just about everything about her has changed at some point. A few things have remained constant, though: 1) she’s a violinist (a first violinist, and woe betide anyone who suggests she play anything but), 2) she’s a fire dancer, 3) her hair’s long, dark and thick, 4) she and another major character – major, yet I’ve rather overlooked him in my mind for years and years – are very much in love, and 5) her name is Rachael.

Definitely RachAEL, not RachEL. I remember she can get a bit tetchy about that.

Though she’s acquired an appropriate pair of fire-dancing shoes, this picture must be from when she was still entering the point of no return in the story rather unprepared, hence the business-style top and trousers (modelled on a pair of my own I bought in grade 11) – she’d come straight from work. I don’t think it’s happening that way any more; she and the others go in with much more of a plan. I know how it all works out, but I’m yet to discover exactly what that plan is …


I suppose not being the protagonist of this still non-existent epic, one might call Rachael a lead support character. She’s there when just about everything happens, and if it weren’t for her I can think of at least two who wouldn’t last for as long as they do. She’s a pretty cool girl – I like her. Insane violinist, and she learns to wield fire pretty well, too.

(You can kind of see through the picture to the next – the curve of the far wall of an arena. Never finished that one)


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