Genesis (Immersion #1)

Genesis, track 1 from Pendulum’s Immersion.

Album time, 1:09.


The egg,  midnight captured as opaque crystal, rests on its marble plinth spun with silver in the light. The Child kneels beside it, caressing its shell with possessive fingers. Beneath the Child’s elfin hands there is a dark ripple, as the whip of an alarmed fish’s tail disturbs its surrounds.

There is movement within.

We march by, hoards in formation, to stringent raps of snares.  Halted, we salute, percussionists rattling their sticks.

Somewhere deep, darkness is made sound. It moves, heralding genesis. The mist joins the thundering rush, swelling, assailing our ears. And beneath it, we aren’t mistaken.

A crack.

The Child smiles.

We draw breath and hold.



2 thoughts on “Genesis (Immersion #1)

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