NaNoWriMo is complete. Now, possibly, I shall blog once more

All done.

At least, the 50,000 words are done. The story is nowhere near done. I didn’t even get to the end of part 1 like I’d initially planned. Behind Glass is turning out to be an awful lot longer than I originally thought.

Oh, well. 50,000 words is still a big chunk no matter what the novel’s final size is.

Plans from now:  have a little break from writing. Just a short one. Then, for the love of all things sane, write the next short story in Treading Twisted Lines! Then, continue editing two complete, but still requiring work novels, working on slotting together and improving all that I have of Behind Glass at the moment in between. Then, depending on how agent hunting goes, either continue writing Behind Glass or begin the sequel of Missing Exhibit.

I’ve got a lot to do … but I think I might eat pizza and play computer games for a while.

Congrats to everyone who won NaNoWriMo this year and an equal congrats to anyone who had the guts and insanity in equal measures to give it a go. May see you back in WriMo Land next year.