I suppose this is the signing off of dollthermometer –  took me a while 🙂

This blog remains from from earlier, more enthusiastic days. And it shall remain for anyone who comes to browse, whatever their reason. Maybe I’ll achieve something one day and it might amuse people to trundle through a few years of my musings. In any case, should I start to blog again, it shall be on a fresh slate. See you!

Beth Madden

13 October 2018


23 thoughts on “About

    • I kind of wish I could do coffee, that might save me somewhat from the copious amount of coke I consume daily. But if I could do coffee, chocolate-infused coffee does indeed sound the way to go.

  1. Forgive me for a complete lapse in etiquette and attention and a thousand thanks for the nomination! What a delightful gesture. I, like you, am bogged down in commitments – but when I do I carve out some time I’m going to read “Behind Glass”. Thanks again, V

    • It’s all good, nothing to forgive 🙂 I do enjoy having a look at your blog, so original and interesting, and not what I usually have a look at, so an incredibly welcome change. Please enjoy if/when you get around to reading, currently thinking about the next section … it’s meant to go up tomorrow … don’t know if I’ll be done though 🙂

  2. Don’t really think about it much 🙂 Except when I offered free copies of my new book for comments on a post and only got one. Oh wells 😀
    Likes are nice. A comment here and there is nice too, but too many and I think I’d get dizzy.

  3. Some might, doubt everyone does. I try to reply to every comment I get 🙂 hence why I think I’d grow dizzy if I had any more.
    Having comment troubles?

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  5. This has given me some ideas to put on my blog – I hope you don’t mind. I have sent you the link on Facebook.

      • Always meant to read that one 🙂 Now there’s an extra reason to, if one was needed. Really should give more such novels as 20,000 Leagues a go – I tend to get pretty entrenched with my fantasies.

        Perhaps, if you share this fascination with the narwhal, you would enjoy the sonnet detailing a crochet creature of the same variety penned on this blog some time ago. Its title, if I recall correctly, is O! happy the narwhal be 🙂

        I would very much appreciate the opinion of a fellow narwhal enthusiast.

      • I’ll take a look, definitely!

        Verne and I are at odds, you must know. While I think the idea behind 20,000 Leagues is a good one, I’m not too fond of Verne’s writings. As a matter of fact, we met in the arena to do battle. I won; he lost. Yes, this professor did a ripping book review on 20,000 Leagues. Couldn’t help it! 🙂

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